The SPS-210 wall-mounted intercom station, consisting of a sound powered handset and a battery powered signal, provides reliable communications over distances up to five miles, using a single pair of wires. The SPS-300 Field Telephone is a portable version of the same station.

Both use a very low drain signal providing for long battery life, usually in excess of two years. The carry-case for the SPS-300 is water-proof.

These telephones are common-talk, common-ring. They may be used as pairs or hooked up in parallel to a practical limit of six stations. Frequently the SPS-210 is used as a central station connected to a string of jack boxes into which the SPS-300 may be plugged. The stations present no shock hazard and emit no radio-frequency interference.

Handset Hanger - Light Duty
Wall mounted, black ABS plastic
Model 5446-000
Handset Cradle - Heavy Duty
Black ABS Plastic

1905-000   Mounting Holes Accessed From Rear
1905-001   Drilled And Counter-sunk for Front Mounting
1905-100   Same as 1905-000 Except w/ 2 SPDT Switches
1905-101   Same as 1905-001 Except w/ 2 SPDT Switches
Extension Cord

Two-conductor cord with 1/4" phone plug on one end, extension jack on the other. Use with jumper cords, jack plate, or junction box. 12'   Model #EC12
25'   Model #EC-25
50'   Model #EC-50
100'   Model #EC-100

Jumper Cord

Extension jack at each end. Used between plug-equipped voice-powered units. 12'   Model #JC12
25'   Model #JC-25
50'   Model #JC-50
100'   Model #JC-100
"Y" Connector
Allows for "splitting" extension and jumper cords.

Model P-2J (one plug - two jacks)
Model J-2P (one jack - two plugs)
Jack Plate
One-gang brushed stainless steel wallplate with waterproof jack covers, gaskets and leads. Fits a standard electric box. 1 Outlet   Model #JP-1
2 Outlets   Model #JP-2
4 Outlets   Model #JP-4
6 Outlets   Model #JP-6
Jack Box
Stainless faceplate, waterproof jack covers and cable grips, cast aluminum box. Mount on wall, or use portably. 1 Outlet   Model #WJB-1
2 Outlets   Model #WJB-2
4 Outlets   Model #WJB-4
6 Outlets   Model #WJB-6
Clip Adaptor
Converts voice-powered units with phone plugs to
split leads with alligator clips.
Model J-CL
Pig-Tail Jack Box

Use at the end of extension or jumper cords. 4 Outlets   Model #PJB-4
6 Outlets   Model #PJB-6